Need help creating content to promote your brand or business?


EMAGEN MONTHLY IS A SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM which PROVIDES HIGH QUALITY IMAGES THAT WILL ELEVATE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE AND ALLOW YOU TO KEEP DOING MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. We help you maintain a continuous stream of visuals with a simple and affordable monthly session subscription.


Tailored for your needs

During our first consultation, we will get to know one another, connect and chat about your brand, niche and purpose to better determine the type of content you'll need. We will also determine which subscription is more suitable for your content needs . At this time we offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 photo sessions per month. Keep in mind, the more content you need, the better the savings.

Post consistently

My program takes the stress out of keeping up with social media and marketing, it's a time saver! I help you create high quality images that fit your brand's purpose so that you can continue to invest time in your business, spend time with your family or simply doing other things that bring you joy. The days of looking in your camera roll for something to post are over.

Curated content

This is not a one size fits all program, on the contrary, I help bring your vision and brand's essence to life through powerful imagery that fits within your desired aesthetic. I help guide you through the necessary steps and also help curate your content. We capture a wide variety of images and looks per single session, thus making the most of each time we meet. 



"As a blogger and Instagram influencer I need to keep up with my social media + blog. I’m always collaborating with brands who require constant videos and photos. Well, safe to say I got tired of torturing my poor husband who started feeling more like my personal photographer then a partner. That’s where Gabby came in and saved the day!! Not only has she become one of my good friends, but she has an eye for exactly the type of shots I need. We meet up 3 times a month for a few hours and create magic! With her help I’m able to continue updating my Insta and blog, I’m able to spend time with my husband without nagging him for photos... and it’s a win win for all!" - Liana @lianawhoo Mommy +Blogger

“Gabby came into my life by chance after reconnecting with a childhood classmate. We connected SO MUCH during our first meeting, and I KNEW we had to work together. As a person, she embodies everything in alignment with my business: inspiration, creativity, love, and a genuine intention to lift me (and my business) UP! I decided to go with the monthly subscription, and I’m glad I did! It not only keeps me accountable with providing relevant content to my tribe, but it also keeps things fresh each month to continuously attract new followers. Photoshoots are seamless, smooth, and I can tell she truly cares about every shot. Working with Gabby every month has not only revolutionized my social presence, it challenges me to continuously create excitement around my brand, allowing me to serve my tribe even better!” -Michelle @rewire_and_inspire Health Coach

"I love working with Gabby for my monthly content photographs! She never fails to make the photos come out looking natural and authentic. Since working with Gabby my social media content has never looked better” -Zoe @zoelivelovelift Fitness Coach